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Comment of H. F in Gainesville, Alachua Co.
“Certainly leaves were being skeletonized since maybe July 2013, but new growth largely kept up with destruction. I did not know what would happen during the winter. But, by late May Audrey and I had both seen a few adults. Attack on the leaves of air potato continues, as evidenced now by many skeletonized leaves. At the end of 2014 year I now hope to see fewer still-healthy leaves and fewer fruits than in previous years. Audrey is enthusiastic about these beetles.”

Comment by L. P from Venice, Sarasota Co.
“Just thought I would let you know that we are noticing a lot of nibbled leaves on the air potato vines. I think the beetles are doing their job and working hard!  

Comment from P. C. from Jupiter, Palm Bch Co.
“I would love to release the beetles on my property.  We have 1.5 acres in Jupiter Farms in Jupiter and just can't keep up with the air potato vines.  We use rakes to pull them out of the trees and have been picking up the "potatoes" for years. I have been keeping an eye on all articles re:  Lilioceris cheni and would be thrilled to have them in my garden.”

Comment from S. H. in Seminole, Hillsborough
“I'm so pleased that you will be sending these beetles as I am seeing the potato vine on the other half of my property which had no signs of this invader last year.  Hopeful that this will take care of the problem.  I'm having to do lots of pulling up of this vine and never really get ahead of it! “

Comment from S. S. in Land O Lakes, Pasco Co.
“I literally just got home and they were there waiting for me. I was very excited. I didn't get a beetle head count though before the release. Hopefully you have the information. I would estimate about 30-50 adults. Thank you again so much again. Although it was attended I do this with my science club, I didn't get a chance to release the beetles with them since it's summer. We are planning on continuing our meetings though (repticon this weekend actually). Anyway, I would love another opportunity to get more beetles and have the students release them in our preserve hiking area. In the mean time I documented the process and intend to share it with my students, which I have also attached. Thank you so much again. I'm excited to watch their progress.”

Comment from L.S.. Lee Co.
“I received the beetles yesterday! They were all active, except for 1 (maybe dead).  They had eaten holes in the leaves they were on! I released them at 6:30 pm onto the air potato vines on my property.  I am so excited!! I look forward to seeing some destruction. "





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