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Yellowmargined Leaf Beetle: Introduction

The yellow-margined leaf beetle, Microtheca ochroloma Stål (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), is a pest in cruciferous crops. This beetle is originally from South America, specifically Argentina and Uruguay. It was first reported in the U.S. (New Orleans) in 1945 on grape shipments coming from Argentina. Since then, this beetle has spread throughout most of the southern states of the U.S., including Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida. There are no natural enemies of M. ochroloma reported in the literature. However, several generalist predators have been observed in the field feeding on M. ochroloma.

Recent Research

  • Predation potential of Podisus maculiventris Say feeding on M. ochroloma in the field.
  • Consumption rate and development time of P. maculiventris feeding on M. ochroloma in the laboratory.
  • Cold tolerance of M. ochroloma.

Spined Solidier bug eating larvae
Spined Soldier Bug
Podisus maculiventris.

Yellowmargined leaf beetle eggs
Yellowmargined leaf beetle eggs

Yellowmargined leaf beetle larvae
Yellowmargined leaf beetle larvae