University of Florida

Hygrophila: Publications

  • Journal articles

    Mukherjee, A., J. W. Jones, J. P. Cuda, G. Kiker and W. A. Overholt. 2012. Effect of simulated herbivory on growth of the invasive weed Hygrophila polysperma: Experimental and predictive approaches. Biological Control 60: 271-279.

    Mukherjee, A., M. C. Christman, W. A. Overholt and J. P. Cuda. 2011. Prioritizing areas in the native range of hygrophila for surveys to collect biological control agents. Biological Control 56: 254-262.

    Extension publications

    Mukerjee, A. M. C. Christman, R. S. Beaman , W. A. Overholt and J. P. Cuda. 2010. Biological control of hygrophila: prioritizing areas for native range surveys using MaxEnt model. Invasive Plant Mangement Section Research Report Newsletter 2: 9.

    Mukherjee, A., J.P. Cuda, and W.A. Overholt. 2008. Biological control of Hygrophila polysperma: Search for natural enemies in India – First trip report. Aquatics 30: 20